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My humor site www.hautemessgirl.weebly.com features 'Real Fake Personal Ads', 'Casual Recovery' advice and a parody DIY column. It is updated regularly.

Published on Points in Case

Published "A Viable Alternative for those who Miss the Occasional Sexual Harrassment" and "The Pros and Cons of Hiring the Guy Outside the Gas Station with the Sign 'Will Watch Your Kids for Beaf Jerky'. http://www.pointsincase.com/author/malia-gillette

Contributor Pickle Fork

Regular contributor to Medium Publication https://medium.com/pickle-fork with such articles as "Monologue: A Nigerian Prince Explains his Side in Catfish Scandal" and "Elon Musk is a Robot".

Performed S.L.A.M. and Comedy

Performed S.L.A.M. at the Austin, TX Poetry Championships 2006. Also, performed Comedy at the Comedy Store, Helium and Wise Guys.


Published "Hustle #6" Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Medium Blog

This is where I jot down ideas and go on stream of consciousness rants that help aid in some of my finished pieces. https://medium.com/@ampemptyglass